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CheckB4Rent – Properties and Landlords screening services provides Properties and Landlords screening services.

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Tracerim APP

Tracerim’s App is the only app that enables you to make money from home by performing simple tasks of collecting information in the immediate vicinity of the user.

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Servevia E – serving system

ServeVia system is the first and only system of its kind that allows for performing legal deliveries and digital alerts for every Internet platform such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and more.

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More services

Minufim – The largest Israeli based process service agency

Minufim process service agency is the largest Israeli based process service agency. Our clients range from government offices, public traded company and law firms. Minufim process service agency provide process service all over the country in every sector.

We provide online client area to our clients, GPS coordinates and full documentation including photos for each and every process service delivery.

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Analyses and online statistical evaluation and file record pricing for Minufim’s customers

Minufim’s analysts provide the Company’s customers and prospects with new service of receiving a statistical evaluation for the file record they own.

With the cooperation of its subsidiary, Servia Ltd., Minufim Mail has developed tools for analyzing file records for its customers. The analysis will allow estimating the cost of performing the work as a whole, pricing classified by types of actions, performance times and recommendations from us as to how files should be worked. This estimation allows business customers with a considerable work capacity, who own non-located file records, projects or new customers, getting a work performance quotation which corresponds to their needs. In order to get statistical evaluation regarding a file record you own, fill out the form below and attach the file record as an Excel file which includes the following fields: internal number, I.D. number of debtor/recipient, known address, legal file if any), debtor’s name. Be sure to complete the form accurately in order to get the most accurate estimate possible. Customers using file record analyzing tool is not obligated to order the work from Minufim. As the customer delivers Minufim a file record for the purpose of assessment analysis, the customer thus authorizes Minufim to use the file record for statistical analysis. Minufim is committed to treat all genuine reports with the utmost confidentiality and not to transfer the available information to third parties.

Tracing network accounts and phones

The E-Serving system was developed by Servevia team – Process serving solutions and platform developing company, of Minufim . The system is used by loading Excel files which contain the recipients’ network account and phone details. However, some recipient’s information may be missing or do not exist; for these cases, Minufim Uk provides services of phone and network accounts tracing (as files to be uploaded in the delivery system).